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West Country Baits is the brain child of Shaun Hodges and Dave Cole with more than 50 years of angling experience they have brought one of the finest bait ranges together covering carp, barbel and specialist angling.

All the boilies in the range are superb baits and we only use the finest quality ingredients, they are all designed as food baits with an abundance of natural attraction oozing from them. They are all long term food sources and they have all been thoroughly field tested for many years on some of the most demanding venues in the uk. They have caught numerous forties and fish to 62lb in the uk with many more abroad.

We have an extensive specialist and Barbel range including many of Shaun’s favourite mixes and the finest pellets available to give you the edge your looking for.

Whether it’s boilies, spod mixes, pellets, groundbaits, special hookbaits or some tuition that your looking for, one thing is for sure you can be confident it is amongst the finest available.


Meet the Team


Dave Cole

A Bristol boy, Dave served his angling apprenticeship fishing the local rivers Chew and Avon before the carp bug caught him in his late teens. That led to a fascination in bait development inspired by Rod Hutchinson and caught his first 30lb in January 1987. Dave began fishing Frampton Court in 1989 where he became friends with Shaun Hodges. And a brace of 40 pounders in one night soon got other anglers eager to use his baits. Pb’s were smashed by anglers using Dave’s baits, which successfully combines a long term food source with instant attraction. Dave’s ethos is the same as Shaun’s quality counts, so only the very best ingredients go into West Country Baits.


Shaun Hodges

Starting at the age of 14, Shaun soon succumbed to the carp bug and started to dabble with new baits and ingredients. Shaun’s early attempts included smashing up pond pellets to make a paste, as his angling progressed he continued to develop his own baits with a lot of success. He soon started to fish for, and catch, numerous big fish up and down the country. Shaun’s enthusiasm eventually lead him into the fishing industry where to many fellow anglers he has now become a household name, partly helped by his numerous TV appearances and connections as a consultant with a leading tackle manufacture. During his time in the industry Shaun has gained immense knowledge and understands what anglers need from their bait. If you are struggling to catch fish or have any type of fishing questions, just get in touch, he will be happy to help you out.


Liam Hodges

Liam started fishing at the early age of six using a whips, maggots and has, by his own admission, become a fishing addict. Over the years he has built up a reputation for being a top young successful angler who has a great knowledge of the local waters and the modern methods you need to keep putting fish on the bank. More recently Liam has turned his attentions to linear fisheries where he has been very successful, so much so that through demand, he now offers tutorials there. His angling ethic is that you can always make something happen and he will not just sit behind static rods. You can catch up with Liam at Cotswold Angling Centre where he works and we’re sure he will be able to point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.